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GTA LOMBARDIA, customized hydraulic system solutions

Technology, reliability and customer care

Tradition and innovation


Being twenty years on the market means reliability, but, more specifically, ability to always look ahead putting together tradition and innovation.

The expertise developed in the past is thus the breeding ground and the guarantee of success of every new project.


Innovation and quality for our customers


GTA Lombardia is a dynamic reality which, thanks to its innovative and quality solutions, has always looked carefully after its customers' requirements. Our main objective is to be not just suppliers, but real partners, always able to provide valid advice and reliable assistance.


GTA Lombardia, a company based on human values

Since 1992, we have operated our business based on fundamental human values and high ethical standards.

We strive to be the preferred supplier of hydraulic systems for our customers and to be the preferred partner for our suppliers. Our objective is to be a company with the highest level of employee job satisfaction and to ensure our customers access to a green product line by running our business with the least possible impact on the environment.


Create added value

We work to create added value for our customers and enhance our status as preferred supplier by:


Sharing our know-how with our customers and in partnership developing new business opportunities;

Ensuring the right quality for each customer;

Ensuring the customer the required delivery on time;

Contributing to the customer's cost efficiency;

Offering the customer a wide product range.


We work to create added value for our suppliers and enhance our status as preferred partner by:


Sharing our know-how with our suppliers and together increasing sales of hydraulic components;

Paying on time;

Always keeping our promises.


We strive to make work exciting for our employees and to make our employees exciting:


We do this by always presenting them with challenges;

We make room for individual initiative and innovative thinking;

Our work is characterised by care and quality;

Everyone has a duty to be helpful and contribute to a good working atmosphere with SMILE;

Employee development is the basis of GTA's Future.


Over 20 years experience

Founded in 1992 by the two brothers Gilberto and Antonio Gervasoni, GTA Lombardia today has over 20 employees and two factories with locations in Cologno Monzese (MI) and Rovato (BS).
With over 20 years experience, GTA has been at the forefront in design, manufacture and assembly of hydraulic power units and hydraulic control blocks.

Our engineers develop customized concepts for your product with a high level of expertise, knowledge, quality awareness and flexibility making us a competent partner for solving complex, innovative and technical tasks.

Having an experienced team of 25 staff members, we offer a premium service ranging from design, development and production through to final assembly and dispatch.