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Control blocks and plates

We design and manufacture a wide range of control blocks and plates
for industrial and mobile  sector.
(custom-made also for small series)  

• Individual control blocks according to the customer's requirements
• Modularized control blocks for machine tools and presses
• Control blocks for plastics processing and injection molding
  machines, foundry machines, power plants, etc.

  • Control blocks and plates
  • Control blocks and plates
  • Control blocks and plates
  • Control blocks and plates


    Control blocks and plates are integrated hydraulic controls combined
    with built-in or flanged-on function elements. They are based on circuit
    diagrams with specification of the position of ports and operating elements.
    Advantages of the block design over individual piping:

    • Low flow resistance / good efficiency
    • Fewer sealing points
    • Small frame size, therefore high power density
    • Industry-specific solutions
    • Cost reduction.

    Pressione Massima di lavoro Fino a 420 Bar
    Portata Massima 16000 L/min
    Fluidi utilizzabili secondo DIN 51524
    Viscosità del fluido consigliata 25 ÷ 50 mm2/s
    Massima contaminazione fluido da classe 7 a 9 in accordo con NAS 1638 con filtro ß ≥ 75
    Filtrazione consigliata del fluido in ingresso (IN) 10 Micron
    Temperatura ambiente -10°C ÷ 70°C